Power Mate & Bed Defender

Power Mate

Power Mate gives you the convenience of AC outlets & USB charging ports at your side. Whether bedside or the end of your couch or favorite chair. No longer hassle with poorly placed outlets or the mess & clutter of power strips or other devices.

Power Mate remains out of the way, but close enough for easy reach & access. Safely attached to your furniture it also provides a safe gap between your furniture & wall outlets thereby reducing associated fire risks.

Bed Defender

The Bed Defender is a simpler version of the product w/o power that’s solely intended to reduce the risk of bed fires by creating a safe permanent gap between your bed and any wall outlet behind your bed.

Everyday about 5 beds catch fire due to electrical malfunctions and our Bed Defender products will help reduce that risk.

When electrical devices are plugged into an outlet behind a bed it results in a significant fire & safety risk! Even having a mattress  against an unused outlet carries some risk if the outlet fails.

Why you need  Power Mate or Bed Defender:

These fires result in 43 civilian deaths, 183 injuries & $66M in property damage each year, but since this is the low end of US fire statistics it has been generally ignored.

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Lacking power in the bedroom? Power Mate to the rescue!

Sparks flying in the bedroom? Let Bed Defender (BD) keep you safe!

Simply attach the devices to your bed frame or headboard with provided hardware!